Free Recipes!

You can make smoothies, tasty healthy desserts, and frozen yogurt snacks whenever you want, and do it over and over again.

They are easy to use. Just fill them with fruit, juices, purees, yogurt, ice cream, gelatin, or pudding and freeze.

To help inspire your creativity, we've included with your order a FREE set of great recipe ideas.

Ice Pop Maker Benefits

Save money - you'll never need to buy another store-brand ice pop!

Help teach your family good eating habits make healthy snacks that taste good, too!

Spend quality time with your family - make ice-pop making a household event!

Make lunches, road trips and parties more fun!

Product Features

Clever "no-mess" design to push up treat as you eat!

FDA approved, BPA free and 100% food grade silicone

Reusable and portable - each mold has securely fitting lid

Each mold measues 8" x 1.5"


Durable resealable bag for storing molds when not in use.